The Programme

EXPO 2015 in Milan has represented a concrete opportunity to showcase innovation on a strategic sector and with a positive message ”Nourishing the planet, energy for life”.

Within that context, FGB promoted an international platform Social Roots with the aim to accelerate a number of innovations in the agrifood sector. More than 100 projects were submitted from 20 countries, illuminating an innovation offer that rarely gets the chance to connect to global players and value chains and scale.

From the success of that experience, FGB has decided to be a driving force in fostering innovation, by creating new and useful interactions between actors with different needs that will turn ideas into new market innovations, models, services and products.

The capacity to generate effective processes that foster innovation is a key factor in order to rapidly test and adopt new solutions that can respond to current social, economic and environmental challenges.

Open Innovation nowadays is a mature concept that calls for innovation processes that span the boundaries between organisations and sectors and allows for cross-fertilisation of ideas and contamination of solutions.

This is why the Open Innovation in Agrifood programme builds on the previous experience of Social Roots and intends to scale it both in terms of geographical reach than in terms of the size of community of innovators that it will attract.

The programme aims to match demand and supply of innovation in the agrifood sector by engaging a global community of innovators on specific Call for Solutions around emerging need and trends in the agrifood sector.

The community of innovators and the Call for Solutions will be managed through an online platform that will offer functionalities such as: submit projects and ideas, interact with other members of the community, profile innovation opportunities, connect to potential partners that can help start up and scale those innovation opportunities.

Each year, winners of the Call for Solutions will be invited to attend a one-week Global Innovation Camp offering opportunities like training, networking and attending business meetings with interested parties.

Each year the programme will organise the Global Innovation Camp in a different location through co-promoters in several local innovation ecosystems in the 5 continents.

After the Global Innovation Camp, a match will occur between the best solutions presented and partners that can provide acceleration services and can help to capitalise on opportunities raised through the programme.