Winners of the International Call for Solutions


Production of sustainable staple fibres, obtained from spontaneous botanical species can be used in the traditional weaving techniques  and in the application of  innovative methods such as digital manufacturing. More attention will be focus on the use of vegetal derivation coming from agro-business and manufacturing  waste, with the aim of promoting a new way of use. The target market is related to a  sustainable lifestyle sector (Furnishing, fashion and design). Team: Loredana Cubaiu, Gianfranca Ladu.


Land2Lend is the first crowd-farming platform, related to the agriculture and food world. It was born to support innovation and the best quality production, giving to the project managers an opportunity to cover all the production costs, testing their projects and ideas. Land2lend , also, allows to check  all the lands which are not used by owners but they would like to. In that sense, private individuals and public organizations are involved, aims having a new interpretation of the land as a common good, adding more value in terms of “source of revenue and food”. This crowd-funding tool allows to link users who are interested in innovative products and projects; users can fall in love with the project, giving a financial support and having a reward related to the support given and to the distance of the place of production. For the ownerships of disused lands the service is free: they have to communicate the offer in the section related, giving all the information needed; the land will be visible on the map, and the owner could be contact  from interested  people, defining all the condition of the exchange. Team: Tommaso Romagno

Zio Tobia

Zio Tobia will be the first application that will allow anyone to play to be a virtual farmer. This application we will be able to bring the farm at home. The new virtual farmers, through the game, acquire specific knowledge and they will have fun, they will manage a farm and a garden. All players can benefit from they  have chosen to produce. The virtual farmer can choose different level to play: the basic  or advance version; at the same time the virtual farmer can choose to buy some products what he wants to product, so the farmer will always have the vegetables. The products could be delivered at home, or they can be picked up at the farms involved, or in markets and temporary market (as meeting points between real and virtual producers). The incentive gaming will be given by the pleasure of the game itself, by the competition with other farmers and from a social aspect. The matches will allocate the scores which could be turned on community work  and supporting the social activities. The virtual farmers, thanks to the platform Zio Tobia, could support the social and educational initiatives, such as the purchase of essential food, as well as educational projects in Italy and in developing countries .This game will be very funny and strongly educational. Being a farmer, it will never been so much fun. Countryside and cities, will never been so close. Team: Alessandro Grilli a Mariana Donnola